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Our vision :::: To be one of  the best migrant legal aid organization in Nigeria, measured by our performance and driven by a total commitment to our core values and philosophies.

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Migrants Legal Aid and Welfare Mission (MILAW) is a corporate body that took as its main object to cater for the Physical and Spiritual needs of Nigerian Migrants in distress all over the world.

We have a reputation for excellence and for being at the cutting edge of legal developments - particularly in relation to issues around human rights, discrimination and public authorities powers. Many of our professionals are nationally recognised as leading experts in their fields.Our motto is "We give people a voice". As professionals serving the people we represent a wide range of clients. We therefore take our motto very seriously indeed and do our utmost to listen to your problems first and then try our best to speak out on your behalf.

Our professionals actually do care about you and are committed to providing the best possible service to you in the most caring and careful manner. Yes, we are the best legal aid providers in Nigeria. Our solicitors who combine a deep knowledge of the law and its practical application to you with a firm belief in your right to legal aid and to a committed representation throughout your matter. Our solicitors place service to the public above all else and are able to advise on the best possible course of funding in the event you do not qualify for legal aid.

Migrants Legal Aid and Welfare Mission now has more professionals working in a diverse range of practice areas. The size of the organisation and the breadth of its expertise means that for most clients we can offer a one-stop-shop for all their legal advice. If a case demands it, our lawyers can draw on the specialist knowledge of colleagues in other departments to ensure clients receive a seamless and cost-effective service.

When you come to us, you come to a place where our support staff are willing to take the time to listen to your problem, evaluate it correctly in terms of the law and where possible to speak out on your behalf and present your point of view in the best light and achieve legal remedies which correctly and properly address your problem.


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